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Brian Baca is the founder and CEO of ikänik Farms, a 3 time, HempCon Cup winner for both concentrates and topicals alike. Ikänik Farms previously operating on a licensed 2B mixed light permit. The company focus is connoisseur quality cannabis. Ikänik is branded as a lifestyle company and currently sponsors and promotes many reggae groups in both California and Hawaii, respectively. Brian brings 16+ years of traditional finance and business experience, the most recent 10 years specializing in business and commercial banking.

Ryan Ciucki is the former CFO of Active Ride Shop ($70mm, retail chain, with 78 store locations across California). He is the former CFO and Senior finance consultant for Sole Tech, ($100mm annual sales, global lifestyle brands. Ryan brings with him 10+ years of senior level management experience, with a deep focus on enhancing cash flow, debt retirement, EBITDA expansion, strategic financial, and human resource decisions.

Bill Keating brings 25 years of senior management experience in consumer-packaged goods, retail, energy and environmental markets with public and early stage companies. He was President of Laurentian Resources, a consulting business focused on developing and marketing consumer natural products, prior to which he was CEO of Kitchen Cartel Inc, a chain of pop up retail stores. Most notably Bill was Managing Director for Corning Canada Inc.

Chad White is a founder of Blunt Brothers and was a Managing Partner of C4 Consulting. Chad has ten years of cultivation experience. He oversaw operations of licensed cultivations in Washington, Oregon and Nevada, totalling 35,000 square feet of operationally compliant facilities.